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Япония, 1965, фотографии Картье-Брессона

Оригинал взят у eska в Япония, 1965, фотографии Картье-Брессона
Japan, 1965 (5)

Honshu. Iwate prefecture. Hanamaki. 1965. Hot Springs party for Diet members. After drinking, dancing by Geisha. Later, Diet members themselves join in the dance.

Noh rehearsal. 1965.

Honshu. Iwate prefecture. Miyako. 1965.

Hot-spring resort patronized by farming people. 1965.

Hokkaido. Hakodate. 1965.

Hokkaido. Near Noboribetsu. 1965.

Hokkaido. Noboribetsu. 1965.

Honshu. Yamagata prefecture. Mount Haguro. 1965. The Gojuto Pagoda.

Honshu. Niigata prefecture. Sado Island. 1965.

Honshu. Niigata prefecture. Sado Island. 1965.

Tokyo. 1965.

Honshu. Chubu. 1965. Farmers demonstrating against the US Army drill on their lands.

Honshu. Noto peninsula. Wajima. 1965.

Gifu. 1965.

Gifu. 1965.

Tokyo. 1965.

Tokyo. A farewell service for the late actor Danjuro held on November 13th 1965 at the Aoyama Funeral Hall (according to Shinto rites). 1965.

Tokyo. 1965.

Tokyo. Hibiya district. 1965.

Tokyo. A scene at Fukagawa Suitengu (a shrine sacred to the guardian deities of mariners) during the festival for children of three, five, and seven years of age. 1965.

Kyoto. Daitoku-ji Temple. 1965.

Geisha looking at a Kabuki show. 1965.

Honshu. Hiroshima. 1965.

Mount Aso. 1965.

On the ferry, between Beppu and Kobe. 1965.

Gifu. 1965.


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