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немного Вьетнама


Vietnamese boy looks at M-79 grenade launcher held by U.S. soldier. 1968

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US Army LRRP team

Two members of 101st Airborne “Screaming Eagles”

Door gunners of A Troop, 7th Squadron, 1st Cavalry Regiment. 1971-72

PFC Ernie L Hixwick, Pointman, A Co. 1st Bn. 22nd Inf. 4th Inf Div, with the new, lightweight PRR-9 Helmet radio receiver. He also carries a XM148 experimental 40 mm grenade launcher. Pleiku Province, Vietnam 5 Aug 1967

A 76 years old member of the People’s Self-Defense Forces, just after receiving the US Bronze Star.

A U.S. soldier in Vietnam plays a Vietnamese flute, to the amusement of a Vietnamese soldier guarding the outpost on Black Virgin Mountain.
Official U.S. Army photo.

Dallas George Grundy was a dog handler and member of the 33rd Infantry Scout Dog Platoon, 4th Infantry Division. On November 5, 1966, while working with his dog Prince, attached to Company A, 1/22 Infantry, PFC Dallas Grundy was Killed In Action.

Madame Ho Thi Que, or “The Tiger Lady”

Her exploits were legendary, even in the war torn region of South East Asia. She marched and fought with one of the most respected military units in Vietnam: the South Vietnamese 44th Ranger Battalion-“The Black Tigers”.
Madame Ho Thi Que, or “The Tiger Lady”, had earned her reputation the hard way, and her fame had spread throughout South Vietnam.
Her husband, Major Le Van Dan – the commander of the 44th Rangers-was also a warrior. He had been awarded almost every South Vietnamese military medal that was issued. His 44th Ranger Battalion had been awarded the US Presidential Unit Citation – the first South Vietnamese unit to be so honoured.

Chris Noel entertaining the troops.

NVA T-55 tanks roll through Da Nang. 30 Mar. 1975

South Vietnamese Rangers interrogate a Viet Cong prisoner during a recent combined U.S.-Vietnamese operation to clear an area (south of the U.S. air base at Da Nang) of Communist guerrillas. Three Viet Cong were killed and ten captured.

DA NANG, SOUTH VIETNAM: A Viet Cong prisoner cowers under the firm grip of U.S. Marine here Sept. 16. He was flushed out of a spider hole when the Marines made a sweep of the area during Operation Ballistic Charge.


Two VC suspects are discovered lurking in a nearby outbuilding. They are taken prisoner for interrogation by the US and South Vietnamese Army.
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