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немного Вьетнама


+ Много ....>>>

M-551 Sheridan

подбитый РПГ

Lt. Col. John B. Stockton Commander, 1-9th Cavalry 1965

American gunners of B Bty, 6 Bn, 27 Artillery fire a M-110 8 inch howitzer during a fire support mission at Landing Zone Hong approx 12 km north east of Song Be, South Vietnam, 26 March 1970.

US Navy PCF (Patrol Craft, Fast) 9

US Navy PCF (Patrol Craft, Fast) 43 in the Mekong Delta</i>

Adviser from the US Navy to South Vietnamese Coastal Forces. He carries a Thompson submachine gun.

A Sikorsky CH-54A lowers equipment to the 326th Engineer Battalion, 101st Airborne which is tasked with the construction of an air strip, A Shau Valley, 1969.

Skycrane lowering for a hook up to a downed de Havilland Canada DHC-4 Caribou, Tuy Hoa, 1966.

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