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Talvisota. ( Сове́тско-фи́нская война́ 1939—1940 годов )

finland_propaganda 1panorama_Kosa_8065723 2800px-Talvisota_Finnish_soldiers_with_banner 4finnish_war21 49ro 3tumblr_m86wuqS5pG1rak8vro1_500 55607423495_343d884e01 6finnish_war17 851797 sovietfinlandwarphotos-21 finland1 400121ItaLemetinMottiTuhonJalkeen 400229ItaLemetinKaatuneita 7SuperStock_4048-5755 sovietbanner finnish_war05 finnish_war04 finnish_war08 862590 Frozen Bodies of Russian Soldiers Killed in the Second Battle of Suomussalami, Russo-Finnish War vinterkriget05 talvisot Finnish soldier guarding line of Russian carts captured in the Second Battle of Suomussalami during the Russo-Finnish War. WW2-Chronology-084-px800 russo-finnish_003 Soviet POWs with Finnish guards in Lementi area in the Ladoga Karelian during the Winter War tumblr_ltvvgah8EY1qk6uvyo1_500 finnish_war07 finnish_war10 finnish_war11 finnish_war15 finnish_war02 Finnish_War01 finnish_war24 finnish_war26 winter-war-finnish-soldiers-on-skis-with-reindeer finland_propaganda2 63175736 63175757 63175814
Tags: агитация (историческая), военная история, история СССР, история Финляндии

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