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Актёр террорист Гега Кобахидзе с подругой

На зарубежной сайте опубликовали пост про Гегу и компанию.Я глазам своим не поверил. Хотя чему я удивляюсь он же к ним рвался. Весь прошлый год я потратил на изучение его по настоящему невероятной истории, прочитал 2 книжки, посмотрел несколько фильмов, документальные и один художественный, связался с двумя историками из телевизора, мне необходимо было выяснить у них был ли он фашистом или нет. Под катом то что написали на сайте, разместил без перевода.

Gega Kobakhidze, 22, an actor and his wife, Tina Petviashvili, student. The couple got married the day before the incident. On 18 November 1983, a group of seven friends-all sons of Georgian intellectual élite families , six boys and a girl,citizens of Soviet Georgia hijacked a plane with over 58 passengers.The plane was scheduled to fly the Tbilisi-Batumi-Kiev-Leningrad route. The kidnappers’ dream was to escape from socialist Georgia to the United States of America, where they hoped to feel free of communist restrictions. The convicts declared that they wanted to "have a better life and live in a free society." President Eduard Shevardnadze described them as "drug addicts" and "bandits", and demanded the death penalty. In August 1984, the three hijackers -Kobakhidze and the brothers Iverieli – were sentenced to death, while their female co-conspirator Tinatin Petviashvili received a 14-year jail sentence. Despite the lack of evidence, the priest Chikhladze was declared a "ringleader" and also sentenced to death. On 3 October 1984, all four men were shot. This story opens to a tragic page in the history of Georgia, about which unanswered questions abound.🇬🇪

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